Snow Domes / Snow Globes

Want a “real life” snow experience without the cold and wet atmosphere? Why not hire one or more of our Incredible globe style Snow Domes, available in 3m, 5m and 10m diameter sizes you can play with 3 to 50 friends inside… what a snow fight! Delivery to anywhere in the world and can be branded with Corporate Identity. Hires available per event, day, week, month or even longer term.
Great for all ages… yes adults love it just as much as the kids.
An incredible corporate entertainment and attention grabber. Perfect for family days too.

(Please note: For safety and user comfort the snow in the dome does "fall" or move on its own. You are able to control the snow movement manually however it is not automatically blown around inside)

At the Incredible Group we pride ourselves on bringing you the most current and exciting event products.

If you need help choosing the right products and styling for your event, or require a custom solution call us on

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